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In theory, the idea of a cooking to baking club has always been something that sounds fun to do and join, but in reality I never felt like actually doing. I’d rather just sit at home and cook (or watch TV). But, with the emergence of online cooking and baking clubs, it’s the best of both worlds! I can cook and bake from the comfort of my own home, post pictures of what I’ve made to the group, no scheduling to do, and no guilt about missing the monthly meeting because I’d rather just sit at home. And bonus — perfect for a global pandemic!

So — how does an online cooking or baking club work? Each one is different, but usually each month a different cookbook is featured. You get a copy of the cookbook (by buying it, borrowing it from a friend who already has it, or borrowing it from the library as a hard copy or on your kindle/ebook reader via Overdrive), make 1 (or more if you have time) recipe(s) from it, and take pictures of what you’ve made to share with the group. When you share your photos of what you’ve made you can also share your thoughts on the recipe and/or the cookbook or tips for others who might want to make what you made. It’s also ok to lurk and see what others are making and enjoy the photos of delicious food. Either way, it’s lots of fun! 🙂

An important big no-no in these groups is not posting pictures of recipes / photos from inside the cookbook. This is copyright infringement and essentially stealing. It’s also highly disrespectful of the hard work the cookbook author went through to publish their book. Lots of money was spent on food styling, food photography, recipe development, and much more.

Here are the ones I’ve joined:

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