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Six of My Favorite Easy Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash

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My husband Ben and I bought our house (after what felt like quite a lengthy search!) in November 2016. We actually purposely scheduled our settlement date on our 1-year wedding anniversary. ♥

Buying a house in the DC area is expensive. So, prior to that, we were finding all sorts of ways to save money. We stopped (mostly) going out for dinner dates and ate at home almost every night. We’d let ourselves go out to eat maybe once a month or every six weeks. We cut items out of our budget that were unnecessary.

I also looked for some easy ways to earn a little bit of extra cash here and there. Here was what I found that was successful:

(#1) eBates

Ebates coupons and cash back - get paid to shop

How does it work? – You SIGN UP (using my link), SHOP with Ebates at your favorite stores, EARN cash back as shop on the orders you place, and then GET PAID (yay!) – by check or PayPal (no fees or forms).

BONUS – when you sign up with my link (and spend $25 shopping) you’ll get a $10 sign-up reward — hey hey! 😉

Helpful tip – make sure to add the web browser extension / button so when you’re shopping at an online store that has ebates rewards.

How is it free? Is it kind of like getting free money?! 🙂 – Stores pay Ebates a commission for sending their members to the store websites, and then Ebates shares the commission with us (our payout).

Sign-Up for eBates >

(#2) Sign up for SwagBucks and Make it Your Default Search Engine

Join Swagbucks!

First you have to sign-up for SwagBucks. Plus: this month when you use my sign-up link, you immediately get a 300SB bonus just for signing up — how awesome! 🙂

Sign-Up for SwagBucks >

Then: in your web browser, choose SwagBucks as your default search engine. It’s based on Google’s algorithms, so there won’t be that much change. Just go about your usual internet habits and when you search you can earn SB points 🙂

When you earn enough points (by shopping, searching, etc) you can get an Amazon (or other store) gift card — WOOHOO!!

(#3) Sell your stuff:

– eBay
– Craigslist
– Facebook Marketplace
– Tradesy (use my link to sign up and get $20 off your 1st purchase of $50+)
– Etsy – for “makers,” crafters, & creative people

(#4) Does your credit card offer cash rewards?

There are lots of great ones out there. A few examples include:

  • the Chase Freedom, which isn’t bad
  • the Chase Unlimited, which I think is better
  • the Citi DoubleCash, which I think is also great. . . you earn 1% when you make your purchases and then 1% more when you pay off your purchases. (What a great motivator for those who don’t always pay off the balance on their cards.)

If you belong to a credit union, check out what credit card(s) they’re offering that have cash-back and no annual fee to see how they compare.

(#5) Complete Surveys

You can do this online, and some of these even have mobile apps. I will tell you that sometimes this can be time consuming and perhaps not worth your while. You will also get lots of email (so be forewarned). But if this is something you like, here are survey sites I recommend:

  • American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP) – sign up here
  • InboxDollars
  • Survey Junkie
  • SwagBucks
    **Remember: if you use my link, you also get a 300SB bonus just for signing up! 🙂

FYI – these survey sites are completely free. If you are ever joining a survey site that asks you for payment, it’s most likely a scam. Don’t fall for it!

(#6) Mystery Shopping

Have a little bit of extra time on your hands? You could try out Mystery Shopping. I don’t have a favorite company to recommend, but both The Penny Hoarder and Well Kept Wallet have lists of mystery shopping companies they recommend. Remember though: it should always be free to sign up. You shouldn’t ever have to pay an entrance fee or anything to be accepted. (If you do, it’s a scam!)

As always — I love to hear from you! 🙂

Did you try any of the suggestions above? (And were they successful?) Or do you have another suggestions I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments below.

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