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Julia Child’s 6-minute Soft-Boiled Eggs

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I am a part of a cookbook / cooking group on Facebook run by Food52 and each month a new cookbook is chosen and people post the recipes they’ve made. Last month (January 2018)’s book was Mastering the Art of French Cooking — one of the classics!

[photo - the cookbook cover]
the cookbook!! 🙂

Since breakfast is my jam (as I’ve said before ♥) and I’ve been wanting to make soft boiled eggs for a long long while now, that was what I chose to make :-). It’s on pg. 118 of the cookbook.

I only planned to make 2 eggs, but one broke as I put it in . . . or dropped it in — oops! So I decided to make 3 in case that one didn’t turn out.

For the 2nd two eggs I placed them in with a tongs and that worked much much better!

I served them with buttered pumpernickel toast — simple and delicious.

The two eggs without the crack peeled very nicely. The one with the crack had a dent in it that went all the way through. And that same egg (with the crack) was more runny inside — which on the whole I’m not opposed to, but the white also wasn’t set. So — I decided to trash and was glad I made an extra.

the egg that cracked
[photo - toast with Julia Child's 6min soft boiled eggs - yum!]
toast with Julia Child’s 6min soft boiled eggs – yum!

Please note that I haven’t republished the recipe here because it’s part of a copyright-protected cookbook. I also won’t disrespect a cookbook author like that. So, if you’re interested in the recipe, you can get a copy of the book at your public library (like I did) or it’s also available on Amazon for purchase. Happy cooking! 🙂

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    1. Hi Barbara — The recipe is published in her copyright-protected cookbook, so no I haven’t reprinted the recipe here. I was able to get the cookbook out of the library though, so you could try that. It’s also available on Amazon (affiliate link).

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