Learn to Quilt With Me Series {Part 4}: Purchasing Supplies

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This post is part of my Quilt-A-Long / Learn to Quilt With Me Series (if you’re on social media, remember to hashtag it: #QuiltingAlongWithTamara). See the first post in the series for the overview and links to the rest of the posts in the series.

After ordering fabric, I went on to order all of the quilting supplies I needed. . .

What I didn’t fully think about when ordering fabric was that I would need all of those quilting supplies too. Well, my mistake — hopfully you can learn from that and think more ahead than I did! It would have been great to get them all from since I had that free shipping, but alas, I had to do a separate order. As it turns out, is great for fabric, and Craftsy (now Bluprint) or JoAnns or Amazon are better for ordering supplies anyways.

The following are some basic quilting supplies that are recommended, which can all be purchased from, Jo-Ann Fabrics or Craftsy (now Bluprint).

Of course you’ll need a sewing machine too, but I guess I kind of assumed that if you were learning to sew you already had a sewing machine. There are tons of other blogs that have posted suggestions for what sewing machines are good to purchase and which ones aren’t — especially for beginners. I suggest you start there. Since I already have a sewing machine, I didn’t have to purchase one to start quilting.


Quilting With Tamara - Rotary Cutter - Photo By Flickr User Laura Dahl

You’ll need a rotary cutter to cut the fabric. I would recommend a 45mm — not that I really know yet, but from my research and reading that seems to be the one to get. You can get one of these from any one of the following places. I am totally a comparison shopper because I always want to try and get the best deal, so compare away!

You may also want to purchase some rotary blade refills while you’re there.

I already had these since I had sewn before, but if you don’t have these below are a few possibilities. Keep in mind, for basic quilting, you just need basic scissors, not pinking shears.

I got an 18in x 24in cutting mat.

I got a 6in x 24in ruler

While you’re buying a ruler, you might also want to get “ruler grippy” things (not sure what else to call them) . . . you stick them on the back of your ruler so that the ruler doesn’t slip around. See below for a few options.


Quilting With Tamara - Seam Rippers - Photo By Lisa Sorensen

From reading it seams somewhere around size 30 and the glass head ones with the little round ball at the top are really nice.


Basting Pins are curved safety pins.

Quilting With Tamara Pin Basting  - Photo By Flickr User Beck Gusler


If you want to make it a little bit easier on yourself, you can get a starter kit.

That’s it! Once you’ve made all of your purchases, you just have to wait for all of it to arrive and you’re ready to get started quilting. 🙂

Stay tuned for Part 5 once all of my fabrics and supplies arrive!

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Quilt-A-Long Series - Part 4 - Purchasing Supplies

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