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Welcome Home Oogie

Guess what!! This past week we adopted a super-cute 13lb chiweenie (dachshund / chihuahua mix) from a local rescue organization called Operation Paws for Homes (OPH).

OPH is a wonderful organization! They are a non-profit 501(c)3 all-breed dog rescue serving MD, DC, VA and southern central PA consisting of a network of volunteers and foster homes. Since being founded in 2010, OPH has rescued over 6,000 dogs. They do not have a facility nor do they receive funding from local, state or federal sources. They partner with high-kill shelters in the south in an effort to save and find forever homes for as many dogs that, by no fault of their own, end up in the shelter waiting for someone to take them home. While many do not make it out of the shelter, many of their dogs are rescued just hours before their last breath might have been taken.

You can learn more about them online here:

Anyways . . . on to the happy part! 🙂

The name she came with from OPH was Anabell, but we had already picked out Oogie (עוגי). The Israeli Sesame Street character for Cookie Monster is called Oogiefletzet (more info on this here and here). You can search Youtube for some old episodes of Rechov Sumsum / Shalom Sesame if you want more. Anyways — we decided to shorten her name to just “Oogie” so that English speakers could pronounce it. 🙂 Also — doggie names sound better when they end in the “eee” sound.

More about Oogie: she is black and tan in coloring, about 3 years old (we think — we don’t know exactly . . . but that’s what her papers say, and that is what the vet is estimating). She is SUPER sweet, and really really cuddly ♥

You can tell she’s a chiweenie and not a straight doxie because she looks like a compact / shortened doxie (ie. not as long) with longer lengs . . . she does this thing we call her “jack-in-the-box jump” where she’ll jump up really, really high — like up past my waist!! That must be from her chihuaha — lol because my childhood dog Frankie (a full doxie — who was around 18-20lbs) could never ever jump that high!

Oogie was rescued with her mom, but they weren’t labeled as a bonded pair (in fact we didn’t even see her mom on the OPH website) . . . UPDATE — we connected with the people who adopted Oogie’s mom!! 🙂 They named her Zoe, and live in PA . . . so maybe we’ll be able to get together ♥ I’m sure the two dogs would love it! ♥


the photo from OPH’s website:

first photo with all 3 of us

some photos from the ride home:

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