Learn to Quilt {Part 2}: Planning My Quilt Layout

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FYI: This post is part of my Quilt-A-Long / Learn to Quilt With Me Series

BEFORE ordering fabric and supplies, it’s really important to pick out a pattern or plan a layout yourself. I went for the DIY route. (*If you picked out a pattern in Part 1, then you can probably skip this step and move on to the next one.)

So, I first started doing this by hand on graph paper (with a pencil!), but I kept having to erase and redraw lines and rewrite stuff and start over. I wanted it to look pretty and reflect what the real quilt might look like.

Then, I thought I might use excel.

I made a few versions before settling on a final version (scroll to the bottom to see that one).

Layout v1 – Here is what I came up with 1st, based on how I had imagined it from the start in my head:
Planning My Quilt Layout - The Squares - v1 - via Yarn & Chocolate -

Partway through, the layout looked ALL wrong! So I started over.

Layout v2
Planning My Quilt Layout - The Squares- v2 | Learn to Quilt With Me Series | via Yarn & Chocolate |

When I was done I thought that it was looking MUCH better, and I was MUCH happier! But, I still made a v3 (see below).

Layout v3 (the Final One)

I had been reading other quilting blogs and looking at other quilts and was thinking this one looked too crowded and busy. Even though the colors went together, they were kind of forced together or needed more space. So I thought I’d add white borders in between each square and around the edge. I also dropped the raspberry swirls fabric and the Michael Miller flower petals squares (since that fabric never arrived anyways due to backorder) all together, and decided to reserve the purple fabric for the border. So — that’s when I came up with this version, my FINAL one (yes, final!):

Planning My Quilt Layout - The Squares- v3 | Learn to Quilt With Me Series | via Yarn & Chocolate |

I was thinking these measurements to go with my layout:

  • 4in squares finished = 4.5in squares unfinished to account for 1/4in seams
  • 7 squares across & down
  • 1in sashing (white)
  • 3in purple border
  • black edging

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