5 Mistakes to Avoid When Crocheting Your First Granny Square Blanket

I semi-recently finished crocheting my very first granny square blanket. It took a long time (2 years!), but it was totally worth it and a lot of fun. After a few months distance, here are my thoughts about what I learned and what mistakes I made — so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

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  1. Don’t make it complicated (like I did). If it’s your first granny square blanket, start small and keep it simple. In the whole blanket I used 3 main colors (purple, pink, and teal) + an off-white color + black. For each square I had to keep switching colors — from the three different center colors (purple, pink, or teal) to the off-white, back to the center color, then black. I had to make a certain number of each color square and then figure out how to lay out the squares so it all looked right. Here’s how I would have done it differently:
    • Don’t make up your own pattern. I couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so I combined a bunch and made up my own. Why on earth did I do that for my first ever granny square blanket?!? Instead I should have found a pattern, stuck with it, and followed it.
    • Don’t pick a pattern with a bazillion colors and motifs. I should have picked a simpler color palate. So, instead of having 3 different center colors, I would have had a single motif repeating with only 1 bright color and the rest neutrals (something like this or this or this).
    • Simple is best. If I had followed my own advice (from the previous bullet point), all of the squares would have looked the same, there would have been less to keep track of, and I wouldn’t have had to worry about arranging them.
  2. Don’t pick yarn from different brands, or different yarn types within a brand, or yarns that are different weights. I used Red Heart Eco-Ways in Oyster (which has since been discontinued), Red Heart Soft Yarn for the black, something similar to the Red Heart Soft Yarn for the purple and the pink, and a totally different yarn for the teal that wasn’t even the same weight. This is why in my original post about the blanket I recommended choosing colors all from the Red Heart Soft collection or using Knitpick’s Brava Sport yarn.
  3. Blocking: Don’t forget to block your squares before joining. I was new at crocheting blankets and didn’t really understand how important blocking is. As a result my squares were more difficult to put together because they weren’t all the same size. (Take a look back at my original post about the blanket for blocking tips and tutorial links.)
  4. Use a simple joining method. I chose to go with the flat braid joining method, which is beautiful. However, in hindsight I should have gone with something much simpler like the invisible join mattress stitch.
  5. Perhaps, go with a simpler border. After two years of making squares and putting them together, I was really tired of working on the blanket. And then I decided to do a scalloped border, which meant more time on the blanket. I really really loved the scalloped border, but if you’re a beginner, perhaps a simple single or double crochet border is best.

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Did you find these tips helpful? Did you make your first granny square blanket? Share what you learned or wish you’d known in the comments below or tag me on Instagram and use the hashtags #yarnandchocolate and #CrochetingWithTamara

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