My Very First Crocheted Granny Square Blanket

This post has been a LONG time coming. . . This blanket is my very first granny square afghan and has been an on-and-off work in progress (WIP) for two years. YES — you read that right, TWO whole years!!

1st granny square blanket - photo of whole blanket

So, now that it’s finished, I thought I’d share it with you 🙂

Below are some more photos as well as a pattern / step-by-step tutorial.

I’m new at this whole writing out crochet patterns / tutorials thing — so thank you for your patience and understanding. . . And let me know in if there’s something that looks like it needs to be corrected.

And if you make this, I’d ♥️ love ♥️ to see it . . . tag me on Instagram and use the hashtags #yarnandchocolate and #CrochetingWithTamara

Ok then, here we go! 🙂

Suggested Yarn:

Red Heart Soft Yarn (which you can get in your local Michael’s, JoAnns, or A.C. Moore) in Lavender, Deep Sea or Teal, Rose Blush or Very Pink, Off White, and Black


Knitpicks Brava Sport Yarn in Freesia, Tidepool, Cotton Candy or Rouge, Cream, and Black


Whatever colors you want!

Hook Size:

5.5mm, US – I/9

Crochet Abbreviations and Terms:

FYI: This pattern uses US crochet terms.
ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
yo = yarn over
sp = space

Here is a great resource with more abbreviations and photo-tutorials on basic stitches.

Granny Square Pattern:

first granny square blanket - folded on couch

You are going to start with your color of choice (pink, purple, or teal) to make the center of the granny square.

CENTER + ROUND 1 (color)
Ch 4, join with a sl st to form a ring
ch 4, then work dc in ring (ch 1 + dc) 6 times, end ch1
*looks like a total of 8dc in a ring
Join with sl st in 3rd ch of starting ch-4

ROUND 2 (color)
Join in any ch-1-sp, ch3
Work 3dc in same ch-1-sp to make a 4-cluster of dc’s
{work a 4dc-cluster in the next ch-1-sp} – repeat around
End with ch3
Join with sl st to top of 1st cluster
Fasten off

ROUND 3 (oyster)
Join in any ch-3-sp
Work 2dc in same ch-3-sp
Work 3dc in same ch-3-sp (this will create a corner)
*ch1, 3dc in next ch-sp, ch1
Work corner into next ch-sp
Repeat from * around
End with: ch1, 3dc, ch1
Join with sl st
Fasten off

ROUND 4 (color)
Join in any ch-sp
Work 2dc in the same ch-sp
*Work 3dc in same ch-sp, ch1*
At corner: 3dc in ch-sp, ch3, 3dc in ch-sp, ch1
Repeat stitches in between asterisks around
Join with sl st
Fasten off

ROUND 5 (black)
Join in any dc (try to ch-spaces?)
sc in each dc and each ch-1-sp
work 3sc in corners
fasten off

And there you go! You’ve created a granny square!

This is how many of each color I created:

  • purple — qty 19
  • pink — qty 18
  • teal — qty 19

. . . for a total of 56 granny squares all together.

The blanket is 7 squares across and 8 squares down.

{image of blanket pattern coming soon}

Remember to block your squares. I was new at this and had NO idea what I was doing, so I didn’t know to do this. But now that I know, I certainly wish I had done this. It would have made it look a WHOLE lot better.

Here’s an idea for a DIY docking station by Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me.

Here’s another from Tamara over at Moogly Blog.

Joining the Squares
I joined the granny squares at the end (rather than joining as i went). To join the squares, I chose the same black yarnI used in round 5, and used the flat braid joining method. I found a great multi-part YouTube tutuorial that you too can follow-along with. Here are the videos:

For the border I did a base layer of sc all around, followed by a round of hdc into every sc and a scallop edge to finish it off:

Join anywhere — try to avoid the corners
sc all around
In the corners do 3sc
Join with sl st

hdc into every sc
In the corners do 3hdc
Join with sl st

1st granny square blanket - scalloped border

Here is where I started the fancier scallop edging. I used a tutorial from . .

Start with a ch1 to continue with the color from the previous row

See here to follow the remainder of the tutorial.

Want to save this edging for later? – pin it!


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