Quilt-A-Long: Learn to Quilt With Me Series

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Are you new to quilting? I am! I have been wanting to learn for quite some time. So — I decided I would just go ahead and do it! No more ‘waiting for the right time’ or until I had ‘enough time’ . . . I decided I was just going to dive right in!

I have recently been looking on Pinterest at my Quilting and Sewing board (which you can see here). . . and was looking longingly at the tutorials I had pinned both recently and a while ago geared towards beginners learning to quilt.

I decided to follow a mix of these tutorials:

First I went to this post by tHe fiCkLe piCkLe “YOU Can Make a QuiLt…I have proof” (from April 1, 2011)

She linked me to Amy Smart’s (Diary of a Quilter) beginner’s quilting series — which I had also already pinned. This is SUCH a great quilting series it covers quilting supplies, choosing fabric, how to work with quilting patterns, piecing together the quilt plus adding the border, adding batting, sewing the layers together (ie quilting), and adding the binding. Whew — everything!

At the end you’re supposed to have a full quilt 🙂

Craftsy Bluprint also has a couple of great classes for beginners:

First I’m going to follow along Amy’s tutorial (and probably search around online for some others), but I DO think that Craftsy Bluprint Piece, Patch, Quilt: Basic Quiltmaking Skills class looks really great and I’m considering enrolling since it’s free!

I’ll continue to post updates as I complete my quilt. So if you want to quilt along with me, you can do that too! I’d love it if you’d tag me in a comment or in a photo showing your finished project on Facebook or Instagram (@YarnAndChocolate) or hashtag your post with: #QuiltingAlongWithTamara.

Ok, so now that I’ve gone through all of that, where do you start?

Here’s the series. I hope you enjoy following along with me — and if you decide to make a quilt too, good luck!

Picking Out Fabric

Planning My Quilt Layout

Ordering Fabric

Purchasing Supplies

Prepping and Cutting the Fabric

Sewing Together the Quilt Top

Baste the Quilt

Machine Quilting

Bind the Quilt

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