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March – April 2015 Favorites

1. Meryl Streep
I love Meryl Streep and how she fights sexism in Hollywood! She recently founded a screenwriting lab for women writers over 40. Woooo, you go, lady!

2. Running a marathon — while pregnant!
A woman named Amy Keil, who is seven and a half month pregnant, ran the Boston Marathon on Monday.
Read more at The Daily Beast »

3. New York City began a pilot program to provide high schoolers with free tampons.
How AWESOME! Read more »

4. Etsy employees now get 26 weeks of paid parental leave.
Etsy announced a new policy that allows all employees to take 26 weeks (or a little over six months) of paid parental leave. It will extend to both mothers and fathers, including adoptive families and those who become parents via surrogate. If only this was a policy mandated by our government, like in SO many other countries.

5. Cherry Blossoms blooming in DC
Cherry blossom season in DC is one of my favorite times of the year. The pink and white flowers are so elegant and beautiful. Read more and view some beautiful photos from the Washington Post »

So, now it’s your turn: what were some of your favorite things this past month?
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