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Couch to 5k Progress: Week Four Recap

Week 4 Program Duration: 31min

Week 4 Program Description (same all week): Brisk 5min warm-up walk • jog for 3min • walk for 90sec • jog for 5min • walk for 2.5min • jog for 3min • walk for 90sec • jog for 5min • 5min cool-down

Week 4, Day 1 – Monday, September 15, 2014

1.76mi • 4816 steps • 33min

I broke my personal record!!

[image - c25k wk 4 day 1]
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Week 4, Day 2 – Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1.73mi • 4733 steps • 33min

[image - c25k week 4 day 2]
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Week 4, Day 3 – Friday, September 19, 2014

1.75mi • 4789 steps • 31min

c25k week 4 day 3
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This week I increased from 3min jogging intervals to 5min jogging intervals, which I was nervous for. However, it turned out I did just fine. It usually just those first few minutes after the 5min warm up that get to me. Don’t get me wrong – running is difficult. I still haven’t found that mythical “runners high” people talk about. But, I am able to follow the c25k program. I am a tad worried about the end of next week: the big 20min run! There’s just a 5min walking warm-up to 20min of uninterrupted running — yikes! But we shall see how that goes. . .

And, let’s not forget about linking back to my nine week training schedule to link up with all of my other couch to 5k weekly recaps.

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