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Couch to 5k Progress: Week Three Recap

Week 3 Program Duration: 28min

Week 3 Program Description (same all week): Brisk 5min warm-up walk • 2 repetitions of the following – Jog for 90sec; walk for 90sec; jog for 3min; walk for 3min • 5min cool-down

Week 3, Day 1 – Monday, September 8, 2014

1.44mi • 3934 steps • 31min

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It was my first day running for 3min consecutively, but only 28min of a total workout. I’m used to doing at min a 30min workout. So, before the cool-down, I added in an extra 3min jog to make the workout 31min total instead of 28min. It also brought up my total distance which I was happier with. Still not sure how I’m going to get through week 5 (the 5min warm up straight through to 20min flat of running), especially since I didn’t plan well and don’t really have time to repeat any of the weeks. But, I guess we’ll see how that one goes. I had some calf and shin-splint pain even though I stretched before I ran, but better than the first week I started.

I’m also working on getting more sleep. I read a lot the other day about sleep patterns and health (just by googling, and reading some blogs, nothing too scientific) . . . I am thinking the right number for me is 7.5hrs. If I get better about getting more hours of sleep, and staying hydrated (more water during the day after my morning coffee!), I will be able to do this running thing better. We shall see . . .

Week 3, Day 2 – Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1.48mi • 4052steps • 30min

[image - couch to 5k / c25k wk3 day2]
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Slower day today, but still added on some walking there at the end. Was struggling a bit there those last 30 seconds of the 3min running sessions, but I kept myself going and finished!

Week 3, Day 3 – Friday, September 12, 2014

1.45mi • 3948 steps • 30min

[image - couch to 5k / c25k - wk3 day3]
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Again was struggling those last 30 seconds of the 3min running sessions, ugh! And I can’t seem to break past 1.4 / 1.5 miles in 30min. And then oy – the dreaded week 5 – yikes! (5min walking warm-up straight to 20min of running) . . . How am I ever supposed to be ready for that / do that much less run the whole 5k in a little over a month?!

Well, I guess I’ll keep going and see where I am mid-October! I’m only on week 3. There are 8 or 9 weeks for a reason. I’m not even half way through.

Goals for next week:

  • More sleep / better rested
  • Stay hydrated – drink more water throughout the day!
  • Try and stay above 1.5 every day (we’ll see, the program is upped to 5min of running

And – linking back to my nine week training schedule to link up with all of my other couch to 5k weekly recaps.

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