Couch to 5k: What App Do You Use?

As you know I signed up for my first 5k last week. I am trying to get ready to train for this and I want to do that whole “Couch to 5k” thing that people do. I have looked up various beginner training programs and such, and found ones for 12 weeks, except if I start this week I only have 8 or 9 weeks until race day (eek!).

So, my question for you is: which app (I have an android phone remember) is the right app? Or the “official app”? Because when I go into the Google Play store there are so many to choose from. Free ones, paid ones, ones that give you a free trial and ask you to pay later – so many choices! And how do you know which ones work and which ones don’t?!

ACTIVE Network’s Couch-to-5k App (Google Play app store link)

[Screen Shot Active C25k App]

This one here looks like the official one, but I wasn’t going to just pay $2 without knowing that for sure. Anyone use this? Does it work? Is it good? Do you recommend it?

RunDouble’s C25k App (Google Play app store link)

[image - Screen Shot RunDouble's C25k App]

It seems this one (the RunDouble C25k App) is already “installed” . . . I seem to remember installing this one, but then deciding to not use it because it looked free, but once using it I discovered it was only a free trial. If I knew it was worth it I would get it, but not knowing I wasn’t just going to purchase it.

Couch 2 5k Free by Intellect Dimensions (Google Play app store link)

[image - Screen Shot Couch 2 5k Free by Intellect Dimensions]
This is just another one, doesn’t look that good, but it’s free.

C25K – 5K Trainer Free by Zen Labs (Google Play app store link)

[image - C25K Trainer Free by Zen Labs]

This is the free app Im going to using, which I really like. It’s an 8 week training program, that integrates with music on my phone as well as posts photos on my instagram when I’m finished my day’s run showing my progress, which I really like! The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t show time with distance and steps, so I have to use another app in conjunction for that purpose.

Pedometer Runners Buddy Free by Zen Labs (Google Play app store link)

[image - Pedometer Runners Buddy Free by Zen Labs]

So this is the pedometer app (that’s free!) that I use to track my speed, distance, steps, and pace. I do really wish all of this was in one app combined, which I do think would be the advantage of paying for the app or the RunDouble app.

Anyhoo, if you know anything about this, or have any suggestions, that would be so very much appreciated!

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2 thoughts on “Couch to 5k: What App Do You Use?”

  1. Hi Tamara

    Nice reviews.

    I’m at the beginning of the journey looking for an app to use. Which app did you find was best in the end? I’m tempted by the “Active” one as it says it’s official but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best.

    1. Hi Steve! I ended up buying and using ACTIVE Network’s Couch-to-5k App. It worked really well for me and I was really happy with it. Thanks for the comment and good luck with running 🙂

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