I Got a New Phone

I got a new phone yesterday! I decided on the Samsung Galaxy S5, in Shimmery White. The Galaxy S5 is only available in a 16GB model, so that’s what I got, but I have a 32GB microSD card, so I’m all good with storage. (Remember – my last phone was only 8GB, so this is way more!)

[image - Samsung Galaxy S5]
Photo credit: @SamsungMobileUS’s twitter

I contemplated waiting for the new Droid Moto X2 / X+1, as it may have been smaller and was going to have a microSD card slot this time, but it wasn’t due out until September 25th-ish. I decided my old phone was dying way too fast for that and I couldn’t wait that long. So – I took the plunge and the Galaxy S5 is what I opted for.

Verizon Wireless was having a sale, so I was able to qualify for a $50 “mail-in-rebate” (And by that I mean I will get a $50 visa gift card. But – ya get what ya get.) So, that means that instead of paying the full $150 (with the 2yr plan), I am only paying $100 in the end. Though they still got me for the $30 upgrade fee, ugh!

I was contemplating whether or not to divulge the following info, but when I was researching, it was difficult for me to find this info, so I figured if I even help one person, it will be well worth it! So, here we go . . . up to this point in my life I was on my parents cell phone family plan (paying them for what I used, line usage and data), but of course it was more economical because we had shared data. Since I just got engaged, am in my late twenties with a “real job” it was decided that I should go on my own cell phone plan. Makes sense . . .

But let me tell you – while I really love my cell phone, I am really not liking Verizon (and the big cell phone companies and their pricing collusion!) I had to go to a “shared plan” and not a single-line plan (more expensive, but important to note if you are researching phone plans) because Ben will join me on this plan when he gets a new phone.

However, Ben isn’t on the plan with me just yet. So – the price breakdown goes like this: $40 for line usage / month, $50 for 2GB / month, $10 phone insurance / month (because of those stories I heard about the Galaxy, I wasn’t taking any chances – but it’s not connected to the 2yr contract, so I can cancel any time) + fees and taxes and such. That’s about $110 / month, ack! CREDOmobile is looking really good right about now, but I guess, ya know, you pay for the Verizon Wireless coverage, which is really really good!

Good luck finding a phone if you’re looking for one! Any horror stories? Find one you like? Anyone getting (or have you gotten?) the moto X2 / x+1? – Tell me about it! As usual any and all comments are welcome 🙂

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