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Amorini Panini – Continuing My DC Food Truck Tour

Continuing my mission to try every DC food truck I possibly can . . . today for lunch I went to Amorini Panini, which apparently also has two brick and mortar locations!

[image - Amorini Panini Food Truck]
Amorini Panini Food Truck

I was thinking of getting a sandwich and soup, as fall was definitely in the air this morning, but I wasn’t too keen on their soup choices today (Turkey Chili and New England Clam Chowder), so I just stuck with a sandwich.

[image - Amorini Panini Menu]
Amorini Panini Menu

I knew I wanted to try their special Amorini Sauce, so I ended up getting the Penn Quarter Turkey: honey turkey, swiss cheese, green bell peppers, red onions, tomatoes, and Amorini Sauce. I don’t love green bell peppers or red onions, so I was a tad worried about how it was going to taste, but it was delicious! You barely taste those flavors! It was a fantastic sandwich! Oh ya – and I opted to get it on multigrain bread, not sourdough.

Here are some photos of my sandwich below:

[image - Amorini Panini, Whole Sandwich]
Amorini Panini – Penn Quarter Turkey Panini – The Whole Sandwich
[]image - Amorini Panini, Penn Quarter Turkey Panini Sandwich, Cut in Half]
Amorini Panini – Penn Quarter Turkey Panini Sandwich – Cut in Half

Total spent: $8.69 ($6.99 for the Panini + tax & tip)
*Not only yummy, but quite reasonable for a food truck too!

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