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Dinner at Grillfish

Ben and I had been craving seafood lately, so we decided to go out to Grillfish (an Eatwell DC reataurant) in Dupont for dinner last night. We were not disappointed, to say the least . . . the food was stellar and the service was great! And bonus — because it was a nice night, we got to sit outside on their patio and people watch 🙂

We shared an appetizer: this slightly spicy Buffalo Shrimp, but I was able to handle it none the less (though Ben finished it). My mouth was a little on fire at the end. But I love shrimp and couldn’t pass it up!

[image - Grillfish Aug 2013 Buffalo Shrimp Appetizer]
Buffalo Shrimp Appetizer – View on Instagram

For dinner I got the salmon with the sweet onion sauce with the fresh green beans (photo below). No photo of what Ben got. 🙁

[image - Grillfish Aug 2013 Tamara's Salmon]
My salmon – view on Instagram

And then for dessert we stopped at Pitango Gelato (also quite delicious!). I got a cup with 1/2 chocolate hazelnut gelato and 1/2 raspberry sorbet (Instagram photo below). Though full disclosure — I thought we were going to Dolcezza Gelato Dupont (where I went with Emily just last week) — but alas, I got mixed up between the two and we ended up walking for what seemed like a really long while. But it was worth it, and the gelato was really tasty.

[image - Pitango Gelato Aug 2013 - 1/2 chocolate hazelnut gelato 1/2 raspberry sorbet]
My Pitango Gelato – view on Instagram

So, despite my dessert “mix-up” (which turned out well anyways because gelato is gelato and they are both artisanal) this was a great night with super delicious food!

1200 New Hampshire Ave. NW
Washington DC, 20036
South of Dupont Circle
202-331-7310 phone
202-331-3751 fax
Grillfish on Urbanspoon

Because I like social media: Grillfish Website | Eatwell DC | Facebook | Twitter {@GrillfishWDC} | Instagram {@grillfishwdc} | Yelp

Pitango Gelato
(Opposite Whole Foods Market – near Logan Circle)
1451 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
202-332-8877 phone
Pitango Gelato on Urbanspoon

Because I like social media: Website | Facebook | Twitter {@PitangoGelato} | Instagram {@PitangoGelato} | Yelp

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