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My DC Food Truck Obsession – Meatball Nation

Yesterday, I woke up late and forgot my lunch for the 2nd day in a row, oy vey . . . I of course had to tweet my sentiments:

So, around lunch I checked out the Food Truck Fiesta map and didn’t see anything I liked right around metro center so I walked over to Franklin Park and found the Meatball Nation truck. (Want to follow them online – they’re on Twitter – @1meatballnation, Facebook, Food Truck Fiesta, and they of course have their own website too!)

The owners are super cute . . . and super friendly friendly! According to the truck’s twitter account, they’re newlyweds — how cute is that!!!

The wife was the one who took my order, and we chatted briefly, about my nail polish no less (!!) — I was wearing my new silver shatter that I got at the drug store recently! I really loved that she made conversation with me, that doesn’t happen often and it was just super nice! 🙂

I was also super glad she let me take a picture of the truck . . . though perhaps in retrospect I should have asked first?? I think next time I take a picture of a food truck I’ll ask, but since I’m still new at this, I think it’s okay for now.

[image - Meatball Nation Truck]
Meatball Nation Truck

So anyways, to the important part — the food was sooooo good! Unfortunately, it was a tad bit cold when I finally got around to eating it, probably because I had to walk back from Franklin park and I wanted to take all of these pictures, but it was still sooo delicious!

I ordered three of the same – “Nonna’s balls”
$8 + $.80 tax + $1.20 tip = $10 total

[image - Nonna's Balls]
Nonna’s Balls

The raisins (even though the menu says they are in there) were an unexpected surprise . . . not something usually found in Italian food. But, really good and comforting and the they kind of reminded me of my moms stuffed cabbage. So, if you have the chance – I would definitely recommend trying out this truck! Good food served by very friendly people! 🙂

Here’s their menu that was posted yesterday as well:

[image - Meatball Nation Truck Menu]
Meatball Nation Truck Menu

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