Aug 12 2014
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I Tried the “Julep Maven” Beauty Box Subscription Service and Here’s How It’s Going

It all started one day in June when I was perusing Facebook . . . it seemed like Julep was everywhere! So I was like, what the hell, I’ll “like” the company, no big deal! Well — next thing you know, I’m looking through their website not just thinking about buying some stuff, but considering a Maven subscription! Oy!

Before I go any further, let me describe what Julep is, and how exactly the company works. Julep Maven is a beauty box subscription service (similar to Birchbox or Ipsy). As a first time subscriber (to both Julep and beauty boxes in general, FYI) I was offered what seemed like a pretty sweet deal! Each month is normally $24.99/month when you do it month by month. But, when you do the three month subscription, you only pay $19.99/month, get a free ‘welcome’ box + “free” shipping — free in quotes because as my dad says: nothing is ever free — it’s included in the price ;-).

[image - Julep Maven Badge Blue Green 125x125]

So – I placed my order on June 15th and my subtotal came to $87.97, but with my discount code I saved $43 and got an extra 100 Jules (these are redeemable rewards) just for joining the Julep Maven program. In addition to my welcome box, whatever I clicked on was also offering TWO free polishes with my Welcome Maven Box. So really, my total was $44.97 for three months worth of boxes plus two free polishes — that’s $14.99 ($15) per box!! 🙂

The Julep Maven subscription program also offers the following — using their very sales-y language, sorry about that:

  • “Happiness in a box” – Get exactly what you want every month (meaning they give you some swapping options so you can swap products in and out of your subscription box if you don’t like the automatic choices)
  • “Online Perks” – Free Shipping + 20% off at
  • “The inside track” – 1st dibs on new releases and exclusive offers prior to the general public

June 2014

Ok – so now for my welcome box / the June 2014 Julep Maven box. Here is what I got:

Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum
Haven’t tried this thing yet, but it’s supposedly super-charged with amino acids and collagen to transform dry and damaged cuticles almost overnight.

[image - Julep Mighty Nail Cuticle Serum]
Photo Credit:

Jeanne – Nail Polish
Style Profile: Boho Glam
Color Description: Jet-set blue crème

[image - Julep Jeanne Boho Glam Nail Polish June 2014]
Photo Credit:

Harriet – Nail Polish
Style Profile: Boho Glam
Color Description: Guava coral crème

[image - Julep Harriet Boho Glam Nail Polish June 2014]
Photo Credit:

Gabrielle – Nail Polish
Style Profile: Bombshell
Color Description: Smoky mulberry crème
*1 of 2 extra free nail polish!

[image - Julep Gabrielle Bombshell Nail Polish June 2014]
Photo Credit:

Lizanne – Nail Polish
Style Profile: It Girl
Color Description: Sea green shimmer
*2 of 2 extra free nail polish!

[image - Julep Lizanne It Girl Nail Polish June 2014]
Photo Credit:

July 2014

In July my order shipped late. I was a little upset, but they wrote a lovely email and gave me an extra 100 jules! So they get extra “brownie points” or whatever for good customer service, I guess 🙂 . . . except not, because I had to wait an extra long time for my July box (during my birthday month not less!!)

Hello Maven,

I’m so excited for July’s Maven Box, and hope you are too! I wanted to reach out and let you know that your box is on its way, but it might take a little longer than usual to arrive. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to ship nail polish by air, so if your box contains polish, we’ll be sending it via ground transportation.

I know how much it matters that you get your box as quickly as possible, so we’re working to expand and improve our shipping system ASAP (including opening a new fulfillment center very soon). As a token of our thanks for your patience (and with our apologies for any delay), we’ve added 100 Jules to your Maven account.

Please reach out to us with any questions. We always love to hear from you.

Thanks for being a Maven,

Jane Park
CEO & Founder

In any case, I chose the July Bombshell Box with no substitutions. Here are the photos I took right when it arrived and I opened it:

[image - Closed Julep Box]
Julep Maven Box – What it looked like when it just arrived!

[image - July 2014 Julep Maven Box]
My July 2014 Julep Maven Box

[image - July 2014 Julep Maven Box Close Up]
July 2014 Julep Maven Box (Close Up / Zoomed In)

This is what was in it:

Lissa – Nail Polish
Style Profile: Bombshell
Color Description: Tumbled turquoise crème

[image - Lissa Nail Polish by Julep // Collage via Pixlr]
Photo Credit: Screenshots via // Collage by me via Pixlr 🙂

Beverly – Nail Polish
Style Profile: Bombshell
Color Description: Boysenberry crème

[image - Beverly Nail Polish by Julep // Collage via Pixlr]
Photo Credit: Screenshots via // Collage by me via Pixlr 🙂

[image - Bare Body Milk by Julep // Collage via Pixlr]

Bare Body Milk
An ultra hydrating, lightweight, fast-absorbing body lotion

My thoughts: I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s supposedly not heavy or greasy — which is really good because I have quite an aversion to lotion in general, so this is absolutely paramount to me liking and using it!

Photo Credit: Screenshots via // Collage by me via Pixlr 🙂

August 2014

[image - IMAG 1567 Aug Julep Box Overview]
My August Julep Box — in the mailing box

This is my last Julep Maven box in my 3-month pre-paid subscription. Not so thrilled with what I picked out, because when I went online to choose / substitute, the polish I wanted was sold out! Oh well . . . this is what I ended up getting:

Gel Eye Glider – Smoky Plum
Ok, here’s the super sales-y description: Clinically proven to last for 10+ hours, this easy-to-use eye pencil delivers the creamy formula & intense color payoff of a gel eyeliner. The waterproof formula glides on, sets in 30 seconds, and then stays put. Because eyeliner shouldn’t stand in the way of adventures.

[image - Julep Smoky Plum Gel Eye Glider Collage]
Photo Credit: Some photos via

Neha – Nail Polish
Style Profile: Bombshell
Color Description: Sari magenta shimmer

[image - Neha Nail Polish by Julep, Collage via Pixlr]
Photo Credit: some photos via

Tazeen – Nail Polish
Style Profile: Bombshell
Color Description: Full-coverage Bollywood gold glitter

[image - Tazeen Nail Polish by Julep, Collage via Pixlr]
Photo Credit: some photos via

So, at the beginning it all looked really nice and I was really excited about my first beauty box subscription ever! . . . I mean, I currently have, as a result of this, eight nail polishes that essentially cost less than $4 each when you factor in the body milk, the nail & cuticle serum, and the gel eye glider. Is that not awesome-sauce or what (photo below)?! That certainly beats the $7-$9 per bottle for Essie or O•P•I! 🙂

[image - All Eight Julep Nail Polishes Collage]

I went for two manicures in the past three months and painted my own nails once. When I went for the manicures, the first time I brought Jeanne (the light blue crème), the 2nd time I brought Harriet (the guava coral crème). Julep’s nail polish seems a little thicker than normal, and I couldn’t tell if there was less in the bottle than a normal bottle of polish. I confirmed this when I went to paint my own nails (later in July) with Lissa (the tumbled turquoise crème color). I do however think that Julep’s Plié Wand would be very helpful in remedying (or at least helping) the situation!

As for whether I’ll keep going after these initial three months, I’m not sure yet . . . my inclination is no. With the Julep subscription, you only get Julep products. With other beauty box subscriptions (like Ipsy, which costs less by the way!), I could get brands that I know of and already use. I may stay with it for a little while though, we shall see . . .

[image - Become a Julep Maven Today]

Well, after reading all of this, if you’re interested in becoming a Maven (or you want to help me out!!), head on over to Julep, and sign up!

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